Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mimi: The Tween Zone

In July 2008 I became a mother to this beautiful little six year old girl. This was the moment I met her.  Subhalakshmi was so timid and scared and I was instantly in love. 

It took her a while to warm up to me but her little nearly 3 year old brother was having none of that.  So we took them to the park and let kids do what they do.  This is the first hint of a bemused smile from her toward her little brother.  It would not be the last.

It was a lot of work and time and patience (maybe even some blood, sweat and tears) but slowly she warmed up as she acclimated to her new life and learned to trust us.  By the age of 7 her personality was in full effect:

Then came age 8 and I began to see the beginnings of a feisty little mini me developing! 

By 9 there was NO denying it.  She was a full-on Diva!

And a bit of a drama-queen.  No, really... she even admitted it!

Next came the double-digits and as she turned 10 she seemed to immediately blossom into a young lady, yet still maintaining her youthful innocence. 

And now here we are.  Mimi is 11 years old.  I cannot believe how far we have grown together in these past 5 years.  She came into my life so scared and confused and developed into a spirited, sweet, loving, sensitive and compassionate young girl who always gets in trouble for being "too social."  She has more friends than I can count and it is because her spirit is as bright as her smile.

I am in awe of my daughter. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's all about the Lincolns, baby....

On the day of the sleepover, Mimi lost her tooth.  As she is nearing 11 I am not exactly sure if she believes in the "tooth fairy" or is just milking it for what it's worth (current rate: $5.00 a tooth).  However, I did not want to potentially embarrass her by having the fabled fairy exchange enamel for cash while her friends were over so I set it aside for another day.

Which means.... I forgot.

Cue to tonight when Mimi and Max returned home.  I approached her with a $5.00 and explained that since she was busy with her friends the tooth fairy didn't want to bother her so here.

Mimi looked at me and the money with a smile and ran to her room to put it in her piggy bank (which is really a ceramic cupcake, but, whatevs.....)  About five minutes later she walks into my room and hands me the baggie containing her tooth and with a hint of a smirk she said:

"Here, Mommy.... make sure you get your money back."

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who needs sleep?

Saturday night I hosted a sleepover for mutual friends of Mimi and Max and preparations were under way... After shopping for all the required elements to ensure a successful party,

Max helped to ready the house for our guests:

And then our sleepover guests arrived.  There were six children in my home.  It was loud with laughter and squeals of excitement and delight.  To say they had fun would be an understatement. Here are some highlights that were captured.


How did Mama get through the night?  With a little help from my friends at Clorox, of course!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Smashing Good Time....

Every Friday when I have the kids it is "family night..."  We have dinner and then watch a movie.  Tonight at dinner, the conversation took a turn for the awesome.

Mimi: Who is your fave... Batman or Hulk?

Me: Batman.

Mimi: Hulk is mine because ... Wait Mommy! You be Captain America and say "it..."

Me: Hulk, smash.

Mimi: NO!! You have to pause for the count of 4. Do it again.

Me: *points* Hulk *1...2...3...4* smash!

Mimi: *makes Hulk fists then turns to Max* Who are you?

Max: Thor.

Mimi: Where is your hammer?

Max: *raises his corn dog high*

Mimi: What does Thor say to Captain America?

Max: *in a gravely voice* I'm Batman!

--- signed, Proud Mom

Friday, February 15, 2013

Three Cheers for Family!

Tonight we had the joy of dinner with Grandma Martha, Aunt Dawn and cousins Jessica and Alyssa, all of whom were in town for a cheering competition!  We met up at OK Cafe in Atlanta for great and easy conversation.  It was so good to see my NY family, however brief it was.